Long Pepper, Piper longum, Organic

2 oz. | organic
Long Pepper, Piper longum. Organic

Long pepper , Piper longum,also known as Javanese, Indian or Indonesian Long Pepper, is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae. Its fruit, which resembles small cat tails is usually dried and used as a spice.

Greeks and Romans enjoyed long pepper and prior to the European discovery of the New World, long pepper was an important and well-known spice. Black pepper began to replace long pepper in Europe from the twelfth century and by the fourteenth century long pepper was a thing of the past.

Long pepper has a pleasing almost floral smell and is
wonderful when used on roasts of any type.
We are sure you will find many uses for this amazing pepper. Some claim it has magical and Ayurvedic medicinal qualities.
The cat tails are normally ground with a mortar and pestle to release the flavor before placing in food.

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