Celtic Grey Sea Salt

4 oz.
Celtic Grey Sea Salt

Celtic Grey sea salt has been harvested with wooden rakes in Guerande, France.
Traditionally, no metal is supposed to come in contact with the salt .
This helps it to maintain the purest and most delicate flavor It is gray in color. The grey color comes from clay that is found in the salt flats where the salt is collected.
Grey salt is one of the best quality finishing salts available.
It is wonderful on salads, sprinkled on flavored butters, or used on vegetables. It gives a nutty, crunchy flavor and texture to foods.

The item purchased is the bag of Celtic Grey Sea Salt in the photograph.

Note: Salt should be stored in air tight glass, ceramic, plastic, or wooden containers. Using metal containers will cause corrosion ( rust).

Ingredients are processed on equipment that also processes peanuts. tree nuts, soy, and wheat.

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