Jacquard Procion MX Dyes for Cotton, Linen, & Plant Cellulose Fiber

Jacquard Procion MX cold water dyes for cellulose ( plant) fibers are well known and are the undisputed king of tie dye,
They can also be used for solid color dyeing and are one of the most versatile dyes available.

Typically, one 2/3 oz or 19 g. bottle will dye more than 1 lb.or .45 kg. of dry fabric or fiber.
Very bright colors will require more dye and pastel colors will require less.
Materials needed for dyeing: Procion MX Dye, warm water, washing soda, table salt.

We also stock Washing Soda.

We only stock the 2/3 oz. jars.
If a color does not show as a listing, it is currently out of stock.