Heraldry Tattoos by A.G. Smith

Heraldry Tattoos by A.G. Smith

Tattoo fans and heraldry enthusiasts will love wearing these colorful reminders of the Medieval past.
Four large impressive temporary tattoo images depict castle turrets topped by a knight's helmet and foliage, a flaming dragon, a mythical winged creature with outstretched claws, a peasant atop scroll work, and a shield revealing a griffin.

To use, apply tattoo to skin , moisten, and peel off the paper backing.
Remove with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.
Instructions included.

Contains 4 color tattoos that are safe, waterproof, temporary tattoo transfers
paperback cover approx., 4 inches wide by 5 3/4 long.

If sent to a Pennsylvania address, Pennsylvania State Sales Tax applies..

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